Science Fiction O'Brien, David Wright: The Floating Robot and other novelettes; v1
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David Wright O'Brien (1918-1944) published the first of many sf and fantasy short stories and novelettes in 1940 at the age of 22. He was so prolific he used several pseudonyms: Duncan Farnsworth, John York Cabot, Richard Vardon and Clee Garson. He enlisted in the USAAF in WW2 and died during a bombing raid over Berlin in 1944.

This e-book contains five of his novelettes. He is not known to have written any full-length novels. It is original to this Library. This collection was compiled in December 2018 from the texts of individual stories prepared by Matthias Kaether and Roy Glashan for Roy Glashan's Library, a publisher of free ebooks in the Australian Public Domain.

1: The Floating Robot
2: Secret Of The Lost Planet
3: Squadron Of The Damned
4: Lord Of The Crystal Bow
5: The Living Manikins

I had a dilly of a cover which used part of the original magazine cover for the first story, but then I discovered that the artist died in 1977, so....
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