Short Fiction Ibn-al-Muqaffa, Abdallah: Kalila wa-Dimna (Arabic). 24 December 2015
#1  Doitsu 12-24-2015, 12:52 PM
This is an Arabic edition of Kalila and Dimna, a collection of animal fables based on the Panchantra translated and edited by ʿAbdallāh Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (c. 720-756).
This ebook is based on the Wikisource etext of the 1937 Bulāq print edition (PDF).

Note that this ebook only contains the Arabic text, the English translation by Wyndham Knatchbull is here.
BTW, the last story, الحمامة والثعلب ومالك الحزين = The dove, the fox and the heron, is missing in the Knatchbull translation.

If you have a jail-broken Kindle, I'd strongly recommend installing NiLuJe's font hack. (To replace the default Arabic font, copy a suitable font to /linkfonts/fonts and select KUAL > Fonts Overrides > Fallback (Code2000) > Custom.)
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