Forum Policy: Special Offers and Tethering
#1  ixtab 12-28-2012, 05:10 PM
The Kindle Forum, and the Kindle Developers' Corner, are places where all matters concerning the Kindle E-readers can be freely discussed, including technical modifications to the devices which - in one way or another - add new functionality.

However, topics which are actively undermining Amazon's business model are not condoned and will be moderated. In particular, this includes threads and posts whose sole topic is about removing the Special Offers from Kindle devices without Amazon's consent, or about modifying Kindles to use their 3G network connectivity from other devices (tethering).

In the long run, "playing by the rules" is beneficial to everyone: people can still get discounted readers (and if they don't like the ads, then they just pay a small fee to remove them), and everybody can enjoy free (albeit limited) Internet access. If a significant portion of the people just abused these features, then sooner or later, they would simply disappear - for everyone.

In that spirit: Please do not discuss tethering or Special Offers removal in detail here. In the long run, these topics will not benefit anyone - on the contrary, they will probably harm us, because Amazon will (probably) simply remove those features, and then nobody can enjoy them.

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