O'Brien, Fitz-James: A Fitz James O'Brien Collection. v1, 5 Jan 2008
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Fantastic Fiction ( has this to say about Fitz James O'Brien:

Fitz-James O'Brien lived only 33 years -- from 1828 till 1862 -- but in his brief life he left a mark that endures today. O'Brien endures because he was a remarkable writer. Remarkable indeed! He had a way of blending of hard fact with almost-fanciful fantasy, juxtaposing technology and mysticism, creating convincing and "scientific" settings that play against the otherworldly romance. For all the weird fancifulness -- these days O'Brien is read mostly as a successor to Edgar Allan Poe -- his work has qualities we now associate with science fiction.

This collection(Compiled from Project Gutenberg) includes the following short stories:

The Diamond Lens
The Golden Ingot
My Wife's Temptress
What Was It?
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