MacDonald, George: A Book of Strife In The Form of a Diary of An Old Soul. May 2007
#1  Roy White 05-27-2007, 02:12 PM
George Macdonald was a truly unique individual! I owe him. As I've said before, He has had the most profound influence on my Spiritual life of anyone I've ever read. I'd hate to think what kind of a Christian I'd be today without him.

(Flanders from the Simpsons perhaps?)

This "Diary" Is truly great. Once again I made this file for myself so when I go on vacation or something I can have this book with me, (Instead of leaving it at home because its old and valuable. Or I just dont have room for it.)

A Very Honest inside look at a Soul both at rest in God and at war with himself. Beautifully done.
Originally he broke the reflections into days of the year and I loaded that onto my reader then realized the numbers of the days were a distraction from the beautiful prose so I deleted them. Now its just a flowing stream of consciousness type of monologue. Those of you who are familiar with this work and think it should be broken down into days so you can use it as a daily devotional... Sorry... I did make chapter links to each month of the year as it is in the original work.

Hopefully someone here will fall in love with Macdonald as much as I have!

And fall in love with God as well.
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