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#101  OtinG 07-29-2018, 11:24 AM
Quote Megracey
I'm gunna sound like a real noob, but I have a series 1 iPad that I want to repurpose as a dedicated reader. Trouble is I can't use the USB transfer to load it even when calibre says there is a transfer option (have found that I need iOS 9 plus, but can only use iOS 5)

Any bright ideas or old versions?
Depending on which book reading app(s) you are using to read your books, you might be able to use iTunes on your computer to load the books into your elderly iPad. That might work for iBooks. Another option would be to find a book reading app which supports cloud storage, move your books to their loud, then import them via same through WiFi.

But seriously, an iPad 1? That is a very old tablet with low resolution. It is so old that I suspect there are very few apps that still work with it because you cannot use the newer iOS versions. And at that age, I'm surprised the battery still holds a charge. You can get a cheap new tablet with better resolution and support for calibre, albeit an Android one. You can also find used iPads that are much newer than your ancient one that would work, although they won't be as inexpensive as a cheap Android tablet.

#102  Megracey 07-30-2018, 06:12 AM
What can I say, I'm cheap. Can't bear to throw it out coz it all still works and the battery does hold charge

#103  mariosipad 07-30-2018, 10:20 AM
Some observations and questions:

- if your iPad still works, then why not use it? I still used to use my old iPad 3 until recently.

- what apps are you planning to use?

- some apps can use wifi (on your iPad) to connect to calibre or the app on your ipad can be connected through a browser. Epubs etc can be transferred over wifi.

It mostly depends on what ereader app you plan to use (if possible). Hopefully old versions of the app are still available. Regrettably Stanza isn't.

NB: I just tested all this with:
- calibre (latest) on debian jessie
- marvin epub reader on iPad 1 (!!!! found one under some dust !!!!)
- connected from marvin to calibre (set up Content server on calibre) worked with website and opds view.
- if marvin works then most probably some other epubreader apps will work as well (for example shubook) if you can find them in the app store.

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