Action Mansford, C J: Shafts from an Eastern Quiver: (1893); v1; 21 Dec 2019
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Two British adventurers, with the wily Arab Hassan as their guide and companion, set out on a long and adventurous journey to the Far East. From Arabia, they find adventure in Persia, Afghanistan, India, Ceylon, Burma, Laos, Formosa, and Siberia.

The 12 stories are all as published in Strand Magazine; the cover is from the Newnes book edition; and an image from Strand Magazine has been used as a Frontispiece.

This is not a reproduction of the book, but, if you like, a slightly different edition (copies of the 1st edition book itself are rare and expensive).

The first 8 stories are from Roy Glashan's Library, who have issued them complete with all original illustrations from Strand Magazine, and at the time of this uploading are still working on the last four. Those I took from the on-line editions of Strand Magazine at Internet Archive.

1: The Diamonds of Shomar's Queen
2: The Jasper Vale of the Falling Star
3: The Black Horsemen of Nisha, The Seer
4: Darak, The Scorn of the Afghans
5: The Sword-Hilt of the Idol at Delhi
6: The Hindu Fakir of the Silent City
7: Margarita, the Bond Queen of the Wandering Dhahs
8: The Masked Ruler of the Black Wreckers
9: Maw-Sayah: The Keeper of the Great Burman Nat
10: The Hunted Tribe Of Three Hundred Peaks
11: In Quest of the Lost Galleon
12: The Daughter Of Lovetski The Lost
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