Short Fiction Peattie, Elia W: The Shape of Fear and other ghostly tales (1898); v1; 27 Nov 2019
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Thirteen ghost stories by Elia W Peattie (1862-1935), a pioneering woman journalist and reformer who wrote many hundreds of articles and stories, and among them several collections of ghost stories.

This slim volume (just 28,000 words) contains:

1: The Shape Of Fear
2: On The Northern Ice
3: Their Dear Little Ghost
4: A Spectral Collie
5: The House That Was Not
6: Story Of An Obstinate Corpse
7: A Child Of The Rain
8: The Room Of The Evil Thought
9: Story Of The Vanishing Patient
10: The Piano Next Door
11: An Astral Onion
12: From The Loom Of The Dead
13: A Grammatical Ghost
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