Short Fiction Hyne, Cutcliffe: Atoms of Empire (1904), v2, 18 July 2019
#1  Pulpmeister 07-18-2019, 02:01 AM
Already in this part of the Library in 2008, but only as a .prc format file.

I have recreated the book and added the original cover, and uploaded in azw3 and mobi formats.

Sixteen short stories of action and adventure by the creator of Captain Kettle.

1: The Bait
2: Run Down
3: The Finger Of Hankin
4: The Cholera Ship
5: The Hermit
6: The Lizard
7: Held Up
8: Shot
9: The Consumptive
10: The Place Of The Sacred Bo-Tree
11: The Mummy Of Thompson-Pratt
12: The Lynchers
13: The Fascinating Mrs. Whitehead
14: The Fire
15: The Kid
16: The Renegade
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[azw3] Atoms of Empire (1904) - Cutcliffe Hyne.azw3 (537.6 KB, 89 views)
[mobi] Atoms of Empire (1904) - Cutcliffe (522.1 KB, 102 views)

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