Short Fiction Hyne, Cutcliffe: Derelict (1901), v1, 22 Jun 2019
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A baker's dozen of short stories. The first few tell of the vissicitudes of the purser of a passenger ship on the North Atlantic run. Others include a feud between two Whitby trawlermen over a beautiful and flirtatious young woman engaged to both of them; a sinister dog of ill omen; and others.

1: The Derelict
2: The Eloping Princess
3: Diamond Cy
4: The Pirate
5: The Greatest Pianist
6: The Transfer
7: The Inventor
8: The Sole Survivor
9: A Western Ocean Christmas Box
10: The Personally Conducted Duel
11: The Blind Skipper
12: The Tow
13: The Ramming of the "Tom and Emily."

From a Google Books scan of a 1901 Scribner's new York edition, which also provided the cover. (Also as "Mr Horrocks, Purser", Methuen 1902.)
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