Young Adult Nesbit, Edith: The Railway Children (illus). v2. 30 Aug 2016
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by Edith Nesbit (1858–1924)
With 20 illustrations by Charles E. Brock (1870–1938)

First published in 1905
The text and illustrations of this book are in the public domain in countries where copyright is “Life+70” or less, and in the USA.

Edith Nesbit Bland, English author and poet, published approximately 40 books about and for children. This book, The Railway Children, is perhaps her best-known work, and has never been out of print. It was serialized in The London Magazine in 1905, and published in book form in 1906. It has been adapted for a BBC radio dramatization, and adapted four times for BBC television series; it was brought to film and the stage several times as well.

This is a story about real-life children and situations, and does not involve magic, fantasy, or fairy tales. When Father mysteriously leaves home, Mother and the three children must leave their upper-middleclass London life to live in a simple country cottage near a train station. While Mother supports the family by writing stories, the children become fascinated with the trains, and make friends with the stationmaster, the porter, and a very important passenger. Their good hearts and wish to help others lead them into many unexpected adventures. But always the mystery remains – where is Father? Will they ever see him again?

A lovely portrait of family and child life in Edwardian times.

Text was obtained from; punctuation, diacritics, and italics have been formatted; some punctuation and spelling Anglicized and standardized. Embedded fonts for titling and drop-caps in the AZW3 / KF8 version.

illustrations were retrieved from GoogleImages. Sorry, half of them were really poor, tiny, and jpeg-crushed, so illustrations are in low-resolution this time.

I have added a glossary for young readers, explaining some terms no longer in general use, or in use primarily in the UK.
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