Fantasy Merritt, A.: The Moon Pool. v1. 30 May 07
#1  Dr. Drib 05-30-2007, 06:03 PM
One of A. Merritt's most famous novels. I've included two large pulp photos from the 1930s. One large one is at the end of the novel, but is linked back to the beginning of the Table of Contents. Please check out the artwork on this one. (The novel was first published in 1919.)

The NYT had this to say:

"Fantasy, romance, adventure; something of mystery, something of the supernatural; a weaving together of ancient legends, older by far than any historical records, with the scientific knowledge of the present day; and side by side with these, yet far above and mastering them, the power of human love and willing self-sacrifice, the whole held together by a shimmering, glittering web of imagination . . . It marks the debut of a writer possessed of a very unusual, perhaps one might almost call it extraordinary, richness of imagination."

And one reader writes:

"One of the most popular science-fiction writers in the early 1900s, Merritt had the reputation of the Lord of Fantasy. "The Moon Pool" evidences the 'baroque complexities that Merritt introduced into his fairly standard plots through his use of elaborately contrived creatures, technologies, and settings...'"

As usual, I hope you enjoy this one. There's some great reading here.


P.S.: That leaves only one more novel (I think) that I need to work on for a Complete Mobileread A. Merritt -- The Metal Monster.
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#2  bobcdy 07-05-2009, 02:18 PM
I wondered if you'd mind for me to rework 'The Moon Pool' into prc and htm versions, changing the formatting a bit (using italics instead of caps for various text, and changing the CHAPTERS to I, II, III, ect. without the text of chapter. I've completely redone the html manually to simplify it. I'll be happy to acknowledge your work in the post.

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