WIN7 - Convert to PDF work again
#1  mobidummy 02-25-2020, 12:33 PM
Its somthing like a month ago that i made a Bugreport that on my WIN7 64Bit machine on Calibre 4.x the convert to PDF fails.

Kovid told me its NO BUG ... much changed from 3 to 4.x and the reason is im using an old OS ... i have to use WIN10 ... or stay at v3.48

Now ... we have 4.11.2 and mgaically converting to PDF on my "crappy" WIN7 machine works fine ....

How that ?

Was it a BUG or did my WIN7 secretly changed to WIN10 !?

Asking for using the latest calibre on XP (32Bit) ... as in the sticky topic is dumb ....

But WIN7 is 64Bit and calibre isnt written on crappy .NET ... it even run on linux ... so not closely bound to WIN .... so I SEE NO REAL REASON why it cant run on WIN7 ...

I dont blame the programmer for mistakes and bugs,
but as long there are no REAL TECHNICAL REASONS to leave an OS behind ...
I shouldnt be done ....


#2  theducks 02-25-2020, 01:17 PM
W7 /Vista video drivers fail for many users (no upgrade avail).
It is just simpler to say NO W7 / Vista compatibility than to try and enumerate which work (Just think of the effort to log )

You are free to try , just don't cry if it does fail (This fail does not damage the Library, so just uninstall, and install the old version. I keep the last 2 regular releases handy, just in case)

OTOH Calibre 2 slammed into XP limitations for the majority, so The installer just rejects XP installations

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