Historical Fiction Maindron, Maurice: M. de Clérambon [FRENCH]
#1  Chris Jones 01-30-2020, 03:54 PM
M. de Clérambon is the sequel to Saint-Cendre also available from this site.

After the exuberant Marquis de Saint-Cendre, the womanising extrovert who always finds himself deep in financial trouble and whose main redeeming quality appears to be his fearlessness and physical courage Maindron now focuses his study on the cold, lunar, misanthropic introvert Earl Odet de Clérambon, a local warlord in his late thirties who secretly carries the stigma of unrequited love beneath his apparent brutality and cynicism. But perhaps more interesting than the story and the characters, as with his other archeological (rather than historical) novels Maindron excels at painting a vivid and accurate picture of the epoch he visits.

The e-book is also available from this site in .epub format.
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