ReAnimus Press new releases [2020]
#1  andrewburt 01-16-2020, 10:16 AM
Introducing, from ReAnimus Press: CREATING SHORT FICTION by Damon Knight

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The classic guide to writing short fiction -- Revised & Expanded 3rd ed.

"What Knight doesn't know about writing the short story cannot be put into expository prose anyway." --Algis Budrys

"Damon Knight is one of the preeminent teachers of writing in this country. Creating Short Fiction should be considered essential for all beginning writers... not to mention a few others, who've forgotten the invaluable information it contains." --Lucius Shepard

Distilled from decades of teaching and practice, Creating Short Fiction offers no-nonsense advice on structure, pacing, dialogue, getting ideas, and much more. It includes examples and exercises that have proved their extraordinary effectiveness in classrooms and workshops everywhere. Creating Short Fiction is a timeless classic that brims with priceless advice for anyone interested in writing short stories.

Damon Knight, a SFWA Grand Master, founder of SFWA, author of dozens of well-regarded books and long-time writing teacher, founded the Milford Writers' Workshop that was the basis for the renowned writers' workshops such as Clarion and Critters.

"To those who hunger to be writers I commend this book without reservation." --Harlan Ellison

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#2  andrewburt 01-24-2020, 10:31 AM
New from ReAnimus Press: SCIENTISTS AND SCOUNDRELS by Robert Silverberg

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As if history and nature had not provided wonders enough, through the ages humans themselves have contrived more marvels to deceive one another. Sometimes they have concocted evidence when none was available to prove pet theories; sometimes their intention has been to impress or defraud; sometimes they have acted merely for sport.

Robert Silverberg tells the stories of a baker's dozen of these scientific hoaxers in a lively, good-humored book that ranges through time and across continents. Here are perpetual-motion machines and space rockets, men on the moon and serpents in the sea. The rogues' gallery is a varied one: Dr. Mesmer, who cast his hypnotic spell on eighteenth-century Paris; Charles Dawson, whose Piltdown Man challenged evolution; Dr. Cook, with his tale of "discovering" the North Pole; and many others.

These are fascinating stories and more than just entertainment. The author explains the scientific background against which the hoaxes appeared and the detective work that led to their exposure. The schemers teach us to be alert, to challenge the evidence, and to appreciate the healthy skepticism that characterizes the scientific method.

Fantasy & Science Fiction Grandmaster Robert Silverberg brings the personalities, science, and events of these amazing frauds to vivid and relevant life.

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#3  andrewburt 01-31-2020, 10:02 AM
Introducing, from ReAnimus Press: CONQUERORS FROM THE DARKNESS by Robert Silverberg

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A thousand years in the future, the earth has been conquered by an alien race and covered by a single sea. Dovirr Stargan, who is disgusted with the servility of his life on the floating city of Vythain, longs to become one of the Sea-Lords, who roam the sea as powerful protectors of the cities. Dovirr gets his wish, but the return of the alien race brings unexpected and critically dangerous crises to his new life as he learns the real, sometimes terrible, significance of power.

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#4  andrewburt 02-07-2020, 04:36 PM
New from ReAnimus Press: TRANSCENDENTAL - THE TRILOGY by James Gunn

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The Transcendental Machine trilogy in one volume!

Like many trilogies, the Transcendental trilogy may best be viewed as one continuous story--so here they are!

Riley, a veteran of interstellar war, is one of many beings from many different worlds aboard a ship on a pilgrimage that spans the galaxy. However, he is not journeying to achieve transcendence, a vague mystical concept that has drawn everyone else on the ship to this journey into the unknown at the far edge of the galaxy. His mission is to find and kill the prophet who is reputed to help others transcend. While their ship speeds through space, the voyage is marred by violence and betrayal, making it clear that some of the ship's passengers are not the spiritual seekers they claim to be.

Like the pilgrims in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, a number of those on the starship share their unique stories. But as tensions rise, Riley realizes that the ship is less like the Canterbury Tales and more like a harrowing, deadly ship of fools. When he becomes friendly with a mysterious passenger named Asha, he thinks she's someone he can trust. However, like so many others on the ship, Asha is more than she appears. Uncovering her secrets could be the key to Riley's personal quest, or make him question everything he thought he knew about Transcendentalism and his mission to stop it.

James Gunn's Transcendental Machine trilogy is a space adventure filled with excitement and intrigue that explores the nature of what unifies all beings.

TRANSCENDENTAL is a Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Book

"Jim Gunn doesn't publish a new novel very often, but when he does it's a whopper. Transcendental is his best yet, and in it he demonstrates his possession of one of the most finely developed skills at world-building (and at aliens-creating to populate those worlds) in science fiction today. Read it!"
--Frederik Pohl, bestselling author of Gateway

"James Gunn, after a long, stellar career in science fiction, is a master of the narrative art--as he shows in this Chaucerian pilgrimage through the galactic future."
--Robert Silverberg, bestselling author of Lord Valentine's Castle

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#5  andrewburt 04-04-2020, 07:46 PM
New from ReAnimus Press: PROBE by Edward M. Lerner

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What if First Contact doesn't come the way we expect it--or with the sort of aliens we expect? When both sides have secrets within secrets to keep, how is anyone supposed to know the truth--or live long enough to tell it? Will it turn out to be the greatest discovery of all time... or the biggest hoax?

Bob Hanson, the chief scientist of a major aerospace corporation, has made an incredible discovery: a wrecked alien spacecraft adrift in the Asteroid Belt. The evidence is compelling--video images from the Prospector space probe he himself had created. The military enthusiastically embraces an investigation of the extraterrestrials, remarkably indifferent to the inconsistencies that begin to appear.

Undeterred, Hanson keeps digging... and finds much more than he had ever bargained for. Soon on the lam, he, and everyone to whom he turns, is hunted. Before long only one conclusion remains unassailable--that his mysterious opponents play for keeps. Are aliens manipulating events on Earth? Did unscrupulous corporate executives invent the aliens in search of giga-buck government contracts? Has the Pentagon fabricated an alien menace for its own purposes?

Or is the truth something really unimaginable?

About the Author

Author of fifteen SF novels (five of them collaborations with Larry Niven) and dozens of shorter works, Edward M. Lerner won the inaugural Canopus Award for fiction "honoring excellence in interstellar writing." His stories have also been nominated for Locus, Prometheus, and Hugo awards.

"Edward M. Lerner is the quintessential Analog writer, combining well-researched scientific and technological speculation with compelling characters and thought-provoking plots."
-- Analog Science Fiction and Fact

"Here's an author you definitely need to check out."
-- Asimov's Science Fiction

"Leave it to Edward M. Lerner to take a notion, run with it, squeeze every ramification out of it, and put it altogether in an irresistible page-turner."
-- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

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