Dictionary coversion from .mobi to pocketbook format?
#1  doctorat 11-12-2018, 01:29 AM
Hi, I have a dictionary for use with kindle and it consist of only one file in moby format. Is there a way to make this work with my Inkpad 2. And of course if there is such possibility, would someone be willing to explain me how?
Thank you!

#2  eMole 11-13-2018, 01:40 AM

Seems unlikely to happen.

How to convert other dictionaries to PocketBook format:

#3  li-on 02-11-2020, 01:09 PM
Yes, it is possibile.

Unpack mobi with KindleUnpack:

In mobi7 folder run script to convert html to xdxf
(I know it's ugly)

Convert xdxf to pocketbook format
You must also download pocketbook converter and install wine (on Linux)
and set path to converter in
if your dictionary fails to convert - try $isRealDead=0;

Complicated but works

#4  Markismus 02-11-2020, 04:15 PM
@lin-on Nice that your using the script!!

Or use penelope from github to convert to Stardict and then my script to convert to pocketbook.

Just read the date on the thread. Sorry for necrobump!

#5  Rsf 02-19-2020, 07:42 AM
@lin-on thank you, it basically works but something is lost in the conversion, I suspect it's the PHP code meesing up. Also when converting from prc using KindleUnpack the RegEx in the PHP script can't find the terms it's looking for, I had to twik it manually (there are added new lines and spaces).

@Markismus according to the documentation penelope can write to mobi but not read it

#6  Markismus 02-20-2020, 04:11 PM
@Rsf You're completely right. I stumbled on this the other day when I wanted to convert Duden 7th edition from mobi to Stardict.

I've added a conversion from KindleUnpack'ed book.html to xdxf- and Stardict- and pocketbook-format to the pocketbookdic script on github.

I've only converted one two dictionaryies with it, so feel free to test and post issues.

#7  HGYLKCLB 02-23-2020, 08:14 AM
I cannot for the life of me figure this out... Could someone either write a detailed step by step instruction on how to convert, say, an EPUB or MOBI dictionary to a dictionary being used on my pocketbook?? its one of my major beefs with my pocketbook, coming from a Kobo aura h20... the dictionary sucks comparatively

#8  Markismus 02-23-2020, 10:14 AM
I think you're missing half of the files. The home thread of the script is here on mobileread pocketbook developer's corner.

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