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Samuel Smiles was a Scottish author and reformer, best known today as the writer of books extolling virtues of self help. These works have come to exemplify Victorian values for the modern reader and he received some criticism in his own time from socialists because of his emphasis on individual achievement.

This book follows up on some of the strategies featured in the other Samuel Smiles book, Self Help, that I uploaded to this forum earlier. This book concerns money, or more specifically, how to make better use of your money by saving and staying out of debt.

Here is a passage from this book that gives a good example of the advice:

"People do not know what troubles they are brewing for themselves when they run into debt. It does not matter for what the debt is incurred. It hangs like a millstone round a man’s neck until he is relieved of it. It presses like a nightmare upon him. It hinders the well-being of his family. It destroys the happiness of his household."

I also believe in saving money and I choose to read some of the earlier public domain books on this subject rather than buy the modern retreads. The concepts hold just as true today as they did when this book was written. So save your money and download this book.
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