1:1 reading tutoring in class. Screen size for pdf's?
#1  jago25_98 02-07-2021, 09:41 AM
I currently have a Hisense A5 and a projector in class. Physical books take up too much space. LCD screens for books are verboten.

I'm looking for a device that's good enough to read children's books with. Primary school age. Think Oxford Storytree. The Magic Bus. That sort of thing.

What screen size do you think I need? I don't think reading books off the projector is really going to cut it. I think a little device to bring closer might be better. However, these books are going to be in PDF format. That means a bigger screensize, right?

Some pdf's are 100's of mb. My A5Pro can handle that and so can the projector but... well, this is getting expensive to put near a 5 year old now isn't it?

Can I just confirm that this basically doesn't work and I need to stick to the projector? I also noticed that some reading apps don't work without Google play anyway.

I tried to use an ipad once and the kids were too mesmerized by the screen. I think LCD's are crappy for education. It puts them into Roblox mode.

#2  Elektron 02-11-2021, 12:22 AM
Roblox mode!!!
The new Kobo should be good, at least for storage. Still no word about size. But you probably *will* need a lot of money.

#3  Quoth 02-11-2021, 09:34 AM
You need colour LCD 10" or larger for many illustrated Children's books. About €130 if you ignore Apple and Samsung.
A 10" eink is serious money and 14 greys, black and white.
Why is LCD forbidden? Surely the kids aren't reading for more than an hour at a time if that?

I'm a great fan of eink and I know many young kids with 6" eink, though a 7" Kobo Libra is now a better choice than a Kindle, except for the extra steps of putting Amazon sold eBooks.

But an eink is best for text and only reading. A 10" LCD tablet is 1/2 the price of 7" to 8" eink and general purpose. It can have Borrowbox, Overdrive, Kobo, Kindle, Google playbook apps etc.

It depends too on age range and content.

If they are not reading real ebooks on their own gadget, then the projector is best. Note that PDFs are for previewing print and are not real ebooks. You need at least a 10" and maybe 12"+ for all PDFs. Graphic novels / European comic books need colour and 10" to 12".

You really want better than HD video projector, or Portrait HD for PDFs.

#4  jago25_98 02-12-2021, 04:11 AM
The kids really do go into Roblox mode when they see an LCD screen. Especially so with a tablet! That's why I'm interested in other display tech.

It's too expensive. Understood. I'll keep printing and using the projector.

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