PocketBook 628 Touch Lux 5 vs Kobo Clara HD
#1  LucasJ98 01-31-2021, 04:38 PM
Hi, I'd like to buy my first e-book reader. After a long search time, I can't decide between two (three) readers. Between Kobo Clara HD and PocketBook 628 Touch Lux 5 (and Amazon Kindle paperwhite 4 10.gen - this is hardly available in my country).

My eBook Reader Requirements:
Thanks for help.

#2  rcentros 01-31-2021, 06:05 PM
Quote LucasJ98
Hi, I'd like to buy my first e-book reader. After a long search time, I can't decide between two (three) readers. Between Kobo Clara HD and PocketBook 628 Touch Lux 5 (and Amazon Kindle paperwhite 4 10.gen - this is hardly available in my country). ...
I don't own any of these of these readers, but I do own a Paperwhite 3 and a Tolino Shine 3 (which is basically a Clara HD hardware clone) and now I own a PocketBook HD3. I'm going to concentrate on the Kobo vs PocketBook part because I've heard (but have no direct knowledge) that the Paperwhite 4's screen is less clear than the earlier Paperwhites.

The Kobo is more customizable in a few ways — fonts have very many size choices (PocketBook is no slouch here either), but the Kobo adds something the PocketBook doesn't have, multiple choices in the boldness of the font. This isn't a major issue for me, since I use the Constantia font and it works well of on both readers (both can take custom fonts). If you're in a country where Kobo supports a direct connection to Overdrive (for borrowing books), Kobo's integration is better (though you can borrow from Overdrive directly on the PockeBook by using its browser — it even saves the login and you can bookmark your Overdrive account). Kobo supports Pocket (the browser clipping service.) Both allow you to store your books in the Cloud, both have Android and iOS applications (the PocketBook one is really good, though I don't read on Android on phones or tablets), both will sync over the Cloud between readers and the Android/iOS applications. Apparently Kobo works better with Calibre integration, though both work fine for sending books to and from Calibre (I don't use any complicated Calibre schemes with any of my readers, so I have to take others' words for this.)

Why I (personally) like the PocketBook firmware better. Mostly because it comes down to built-in ADE — I use Linux and don't have ADE on my computer. I can buy books (including those protected with DRM) from anywhere that sells ePubs. You can do the same with the Kobos but, since the Clara HD doesn't have ADE built-in, it requires your computer to be able to run ADE and you can't directly download these books to the device. The PocketBook also allows multiple ADE accounts. It also has built-in Drobox support (something I think only the Kobo Forma has) — I've never used this. It also has Send-to-PocketBook, which allows you to buy an ePub from a bookstore on your computer or phone or tablet, download the ascm file, and send that file directly to your device. I use this regularly. (Again, the reason the PocketBook is able to do this is because it has ADE built-in.) The PocketBook will allow you to choose between standard page number (the same page number across books) or page by screen numbering. The Kobo does ePub page numbering on ePubs and per screen numbering on KePubs. I'm not a fan of the page per screen numbering (which changes depending on margins and font sizes) but some like it better. I also like the way PocketBook handles full screen a little better.

As mentioned at the beginning, I don't own either of these readers, but the Clara HD has these advantages over the Touch Lux 5. It has a 300 dpi screen compared to the Touch Lux 5's 212 dpi screen. I don't know how important that is to you, but it does make a difference. Also the lighting is better on the Clara HD (I assume, since it has 13 LEDs — seven white and six amber) compared to the Touch Lux's eight total All other readers I've seen with the "warm" lighting have white LEDs on the edges and this is the main reason I didn't get the Touch Lux 5 (and went with the more expensive HD 3, which has thirteen LEDs like the Clara HD). Some folks have mentioned that this makes the one edge "less even" and I don't understand why they went this way. The PocketBook has the advantage of page turn buttons (which I like) — you can turn the touch screen off if you want. Both are about the same weight (the PocketBook slightly lighter) and size, the PocketBook a little taller because of the buttons. The PocketBook has a dual-core processor and a microSD slot, so in that respect it's more advanced. The PocketBook can use more formats.

That's about it. Sorry to ramble. The Clara HD (in some ways) compares more directly with HD3 (especially in regards to the screen). Personally I think both are a little too small for comfortable holding. I kind of like the old PocketBook style for holding. But that's a small issue. I'll just look into a bit bulkier case.

I think both are good choices. I prefer the way both the PocketBook and Kobo render fonts over the way the Kindles do it.

Good luck.

EDIT: One more thing I should add. Apparently there is no sleep cover option for the PocketBooks. So, if just opening the cover of your case is important to you, the Clara HD as the advantage (unless I'm mistaken about the PocketBook). Also, the power button on the PocketBook is small, semi-recessed and kind of a pain to get to (especially in the dark).

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