Mystery and Crime Van Dine, S.S.: Vance 09 - The Garden Murder Case. v1. 25 May 07
#1  HarryT 05-25-2007, 08:30 AM
The 9th book in the "Philo Vance" series.

"There were two reasons why the terrible and, in many ways, incredible Garden murder case--which took place in the early spring following the spectacular Casino murder case--was so designated. In the first place, the scene of this tragedy was the penthouse home of Professor Ephraim Garden, the great experimental chemist of Stuyvesant University; and secondly, the exact situs criminis was the beautiful private roof-garden over the apartment itself.

It was both a peculiar and implausible affair, and one so cleverly planned that only by the merest accident-or, perhaps I should say a fortuitous intervention-was it discovered at all. Despite the fact that the circumstances preceding the crime were entirely in Philo Vance's favor, I cannot help regarding it as one of his greatest triumphs in criminal investigation and deduction; for it was his quick uncanny judgments, his ability to read human nature, and his tremendous flair for the significant undercurrents of the so-called trivia of life, that led him to the truth..."


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