Jointech JE100: any bigger onscreen keyboard?
#1  datebtraveller 04-07-2010, 05:42 PM
I'm a quite happy and recent owner of a Jointech JE100. I've tested a bunch of apps on it, being my favourites Pocket Excel, Pocket Paint, and uBook above all. A couple of microbrowsers are also good in their simplicity. Freda, AIReader and Mobipocket are fine (Jim Chapman is working on improvements of his Freda to better suit the JE100). BUT...


So far I've tried:
1) E-mailing Jointech asking for an upgrade (no reply yet; firmware upgrade doesn't change anything)
2) Searching for another SIP/Soft Input Panel on and other places (one is even in Russian). One SIP wich name I can't recall showed up on the task bar along with the LargeKB option, but never appeared on screen
3) Trying to programatically contro the SIP with Harvey Rowe's C# IDE Mobile, by copying a dll that is supposed to contain the Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.InputPanel object to its UserDLL directory, but
nothing seems to happen when run the program with the 'enabled' property as true (I won't go into detail, you get my point I guess...)
4) Trying to get largekb.dll from the /Windows directory, but to no avail, since it is part of the ROM files, and can't be copied...

I suppose this could be easily programmed, debugged and compiled from Visual Studio, it is quite a simple matter. DOES SOMEBODY HAVE A CLUE TO HELP ME AND HELP THE REST WHO OWN A JE100?

PS: I'm not angry!

#2  Bob taylor 04-30-2010, 06:33 AM
Sorry cannot help with your problem, but maybe you can help with mine.
I just got a jE100. Worked fine with items preinstalled. Some of them are of no interest to me so I set about deleting them via the active sync.
Now the reader doesn't work nor does the music player.
Do you know How I might be able to restore these functions.? The manual does not say how to restore an inoperative system
Bob T

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