Windows Mobile PDF reader.
#1  Pags 04-01-2010, 05:05 AM
I'm looking for a PDF reader for Windows Mobile that supports scanned PDFs and bookmarking. Adobe Reader LE is the only one I can find that displays scanned images but doesn't support bookmarking by page and Foxit supports bookmarking but for some stupid reason doesn't support scanned PDFs. Is there a software that does both?

Alternatively, Windows Mobile software that displays a multi-page TIFF image and allows some form of bookmarking. I can read the TIFF image fine in Resco but as it has over 500 page images in it, getting to a particular page is a royal pain.

And perhaps I missed it but why hasn't this site got a dedicated Windows Mobile section? There are numerous ebook readers for this device.

Thanks in advance.

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