CYBME 2F-SA: Does anyone knows what model ACTUALLY is this e-reader?
#1  Clodoveia 11-16-2021, 06:40 PM
Hi! One of my e-book readers is this model:

Bookeen CYBME2F-SA

Boo Reader version 6.3 boot [7] roots[18] (build 2643)

Was launched in my country as LEV Neo, by Saraiva Bookstores (under license of Bookeen).

I know is a Brazilian licensed version of one of the Bookeen devices (Muse HD, perhaps?) But I don't know for sure what device. So, anyone have any idea of what it is actually?

Why? It would be important to know as that can turn possible an update of this device.

Saraiva is no longer on e-book business—actually is very near to bankruptcy, to close their doors for good—and doesn't provide online updates or e-book store anymore. I know Bookeen also has gone some rough paths in the latest years, but seems is still on—and I think also in the community of users, keeping the firmware updated on their own. So is possible there's still an update and customization for this model.

But what model is? Any clue?

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