windows 10, adobe digital editions 4.5 problems
#1  hobnail 12-05-2019, 05:58 PM
Problem 1 is that it takes a long time after clicking on it in the Start menu before its window displays. Maybe up to two minutes. My suspicion is that it's going to some server out there and it's taking a long time to get a response, or it's not getting one and timing out.

Problem 2 is that there are a lot of "junk" books in its library. All of the books are ones that I've checked out in the past from the county library (possibly also currently checked out ones). Our library uses Overdrive and Enki. Some show the cover, some are blank. They all say "author unknown". If I select Read from the right click popup menu I get an error saying "Error getting License. License server communication problem. E_LIC_ALREADY_RETURNED." If I select "Remove From Library" they are removed but then show up when I restart ADE.

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