Always buy ereaders with screen backplate
#1  bonnerable 10-03-2019, 01:29 PM
TLDR; as per subject

I received my new Inkbook Prime HD last week Thursday but accidentally cracked the eink panel after two days (downward pressure was applied on the screen). Good thing I still have my Glo HD and probably won't be replacing it any time soon.

I opened the case to see if it's possible to replace it. Inside is just a motherboard and the battery. There's no backplate whatsoever unlike Kobo & Kindle. The only thing that separates the screen from the battery & motherboard is just a sticky cloth.

Inkbook made a number of cost cutting -- lack of screen backplate, the page turn buttons are flimsy and wiggle a lot, the front could have been more matte as it's still glary under direct light, the warm/night light is very subtle (sample of how it compares with competition Pocketbook TH3 vs. Inkbook Lumos) to name a few.

In case anyone wondering what the Pime HD looks like inside.
Eink lcd panel model number ED060KD1 (LF) C2-55.
20191004_004543.jpg 20191004_004533.jpg 

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