Alcor Myth LED modding
#1  alax 01-10-2019, 02:01 PM
I am new to this forum, as I could not find any topic on the internet about my device and question:

- How to "root" and make SSH or Telnet contact with the Alcor Myth Led reader?
- First I only would like to replace the boot logo, the standby logo and the off logo pictures.
- Next maybe would replace the main menu icons.

I have already did it by my self on an older hanlin clone but the Alcor Myth Led does not have wifi, so the only way to get in the linux OS filesystem would be somehow through the USB connection.

How could it be possible?

PS: I found that maybe the Woxter Scriba 195 could be a clone of this BUT that device is android based and has wifi but different screen.
Here is the Alcor Myth LED specifications:

Thank you for your help!!

+ Here you can find the original firmware to download. It could be great help if someone would extract the file system off it....

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