DR1000 DIY: Best cover and accessories
#1  MrWarper 09-14-2012, 02:47 PM
Hi guys,

I wasn't very happy with iRex's original covers for the DR1000 so, being the DIY enthusiast I am, I thought I'd better make my own one the way these things are meant to be. Here's a few pics of the final prototype I've been using for months now, and a quick go at its raison d'ĂȘtre:

The 'Executive' cover is OK, but too big for an already bulky reader. The flip cover is adequately sturdy and protective as well, but it's 1cm too short if you really fit a professional stylus at the top, plus it will let everything in from all sides...

Mine is made of neoprene so it protects the reader from light shocks as well and fits it snugly (no 'need' to take the reader out any more to make it 'lighter' nor 'handier'), and the double zip spares the reader from light rain and casual splashes while allowing quick access to the charge port and the SD card.
For additional protection, thicker neoprene can be used, or a hard cardboard / light wood / foam / whatever base can be fitted beneath the reader, equalling or surpassing the original covers.

My cover features two 'flop ears' (left one on and slightly up, right one 'off' in the photos) and an horizontal elastic band that allow the reader being held naturally and making annotations on it without constantly triggering the sensors, while at the same time not being too obtrusive if you actually need to use them. As you can see in the photos, the flop ears can be put behind the reader if you need completely free access to the sensors on the sides. It's a quicker replacement for locking them, it is selective too, and it can be easily put aside if you don't like it.

I decided to make my cover the flip type -- this way the front cover can* double as a stand when put behind the reader, and putting the pen pocket on the upper side it can be used equally comfortably by lefties and righties.

*The exceptionally bad photo showing the professional stylus completely inside its pocket reveals a red line -- that's the front cover inner pocket (velcroed). I fit a light sturdy tablet (an electronic pen support tablet, actually) inside to protect the screen from stronger shocks when carrying the reader around. This lets the front cover act as a stand. I also have a cheap foldable stand (photo #6) just in case I need to use the reader on a stand and the pen tablet at the same time.

Everything fits inside the front cover pocket alongside the charging cable and as many paper sheets as you may need -- and the whole package is just slightly thicker than the reader in iRex's original red-and-black cover (seen behind in the pictures to compare sizes).

The final model will feature an exterior zip pocket on the front cover, so accessories and documents can be taken out without opening the cover and exposing the reader without need. That model will also feature double seams and fancy sewing finish everywhere - this is just a prototype, so don't be too harsh ; )

The SolidFX guys sell a similar solution for the DR800 (photo #7), and you can spot my brand new DR800 lying in one while charging at my DR1000's feet in photos #2 and #3.

Materials needed: neoprene, zips (I started buying a couple of those cheap generic 'laptop neoprene sleeve / zip bags' you'll find everywhere), elastic bands, needle and thread, and patience. Or you can tempt me with a good offer ; )
1 Snug fit.jpg 2 Flop ear + elastic bands.jpg 3 Doubling as stand.jpg 4 Pen pocket.jpg 5 Pen in.jpg 6 Foldable stand.jpg 7 DR800.jpg 

#2  fekhner 09-18-2012, 07:25 PM
Nice !!

#3  MrWarper 01-12-2020, 08:20 AM
Long time no-post...

Because of this other thread, I thought I might as well upload some pictures of my finished DR1000 bag / case, now years in service and with the reader poking through its corners, so about to be decommissioned and replaced, for completeness' sake. Also, to show off my sewing skills as acquired for the job, and my resilient (unrepentant?) lack of photographic ones.

Don't worry about my sanity, I know people haven't been holding their breaths ; )
Outside - front pocket w outer zip.jpg Inside 1 - flop ears, openings for stylus, card slot, and charging port.jpg Inside 2 - Pen pocket inner zip, closed.jpg Inside 3 - Pen pocket inner zip, open.jpg 

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