New: BeBook Pure
#1  BeBook2000 08-08-2012, 06:03 AM
The new BeBook Pure

The BeBook Pure is the newest addition to the BeBook Ereader family and is the thinnest E Ink Ereader available on the market today. The rubberized body is extremely thin (8 mm), lightweight (188 gr), feels smooth and offers a good grip for hours of reading pleasure. The BeBook Pure features a 4 GB internal memory which is enough to store all your digital books, a crystal clear E ink epaper display for excellent readability, a 600Mhz CPU, Micro SD slot, Micro USB port and a long-lasting battery for up to 3 week of stand-by time.

BeBook Pure Ereader

Just like previous models the BeBook Pure gives you the choice of
where you want to purchase your books and is, with its 99,95 Euro price tag, one of the most affordable E Ink ereaders available in Europe.

Note: At time of introduction the BeBook Pure will only be available in the Netherlands and Belgium. We will roll out the BeBook Pure to other European
 countries in the next few weeks.

#2  daviddem 08-08-2012, 08:29 AM
More details please, your website does not show the full specs.
- you used to rebrand the Hanlin readers. This is not a Hanlin. What is it then?
- wifi?
- touchscreen?
- user changeable battery? which type of battery? (the Hanlin V3 was using a standard Nokia battery)
- screen exact specs (resolution, shades of grey, etc)
- exact dimensions
- openinkpot compatible?

#3  Zetmolm 08-08-2012, 10:09 AM
No Pearl, no touchscreen, no wifi, no audio, no dictionary support. This is a very basic reader for people who just want to read and are willing to pay as much as 99 euro for a simple reader.

#4  Dulin's Books 08-13-2012, 09:43 PM

says £69 nice basic no frill reader

#5  Stormchild 08-14-2012, 03:20 AM
Mine arrived yesterday and so far it is a great little reader. No frills, which IMO is a good thing, but does exactly what it says on the tin. At that price it is going to compete.

#6  Greg Anos 08-14-2012, 08:02 AM
They need to provide more details if they want comments from the early adopters.

File structure? (Folders, database, ect.)

#7  Elfwreck 08-17-2012, 07:19 PM
I'd like to know how well it supports non-ebook filetypes. My PEZ, which was in the same "Hanlin" category as previous BeBooks, was useless for .html, .doc, .fb2, and .txt, although it claimed to support them.

It *showed* them. I can't say it supported them: it would split words at the end of lines or pages, sometimes adding hyphens rather at random ("ye-ars" was one split); it'd drop punctuation to the next line instead of keeping with the word it followed, and indents and other spacing-formatting got downright odd.

I'm also seconding the request for info about file structure--folders or something else? Does it support tagging or other groups? Does it require or prefer specific software for ebook loading? But I consider those secondary issues to the filetype support. I can work with a number of storage/sorting options; I need the texts to display correctly. If it can't display .rtf or .html without mangling the words, it shouldn't claim to support them.

#8  Freeshadow 08-18-2012, 03:11 AM
Same for "supporting" languages while installed fonts lack glyphs for these.
having just the handful of menus translated isn't functional support.

#9  Stormchild 08-18-2012, 11:39 AM
Sorry, I can't help with language support. I can just about read some languages (and I mean just about) and would not know if the glyphs are correct or not. In the settings it supports the following, German, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, English, French, Dutch and Danish. The names are in the native language, eg Espanol and they do have Glyphs that look right, to me.

Thanks for causing me to 'waste' a couple of hours. No seriously, it was something I needed to do at some point.
The file system is the same as you are used to, folders ect. There is also a Library view which lists the whole collection without folders, big is not the word if you have collections like ours, however for small collections it is fine and has the added bonus of having a thumbnail view for prettiness.
There is also a favorites list, whether that helps or not with the tagging I don't know.

Now to file formats. This is the list of formats that appear on the box. Ignore any other claims, this is definitive at the moment.
Epub and PDF with or without Adobe DRM. FB2, TXT, HTML, RTF and Mobi without DRM.
I have tried dozens of each type and a few of non listed types and apart from some issues with RFT and an FB2 that FBreader couldn't open, had no problems whatsoever. All appeared to be formatted OK, no split words ect. I was quite surprised, especially considering where some of these came from.
Now about the RTF files that failed. They tended to be older files, none appeared correctly in OoO or Wordpad but when I re-saved them as new RTF files and Text files, all were ok.
I am sure there will be some files that are not correct but I couldn't find any that didn't have an obvious formatting fault.
Interestingly, of the files it does not claim to support, PDB in the following flavours did work fine, PalmDoc, Ztext and one unknown but I am guessing PalmDoc.
These files are not supported and did not work,prc, Zip, LRF, Lit and surprisingly Doc.
All the files tested were pulled of my back up, one had been altered in anyway. All were as originally downloaded from various sources.

I did learn a few other things such as how to get out of a seemingly fatal lock up and that what appears to be a broken screen controller is not.

Hope that helps.

#10  Stormchild 08-18-2012, 11:43 AM
Sorry , meant to add that it is not a Hanlin or Onyx clone and so far is the best book reader they have marketed yet.

Now if I may I will get on with what I had planned to do and get on with Hugh Howey's latest book.


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