Tolino Vision 6
#11  rcentros 10-15-2021, 10:22 AM
Computer Bild gives the Vision 6 a 100% rating...

Conclusion: eBook reader Tolino Vision 6

Tolino did everything right with the Vision 6. The technical updates come into play in exactly the right places and offer meaningful improvements, especially in terms of speed. The operating concept with the haptic scroll keys was also convincing. The price of 169 euros is completely okay in view of the scope of services.

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#12  kyôdai 10-15-2021, 10:27 AM
Quote davidfor
It does say:

"Download eBooks and audiobooks directly via WiFi"

But, I don't see any other mention of audiobooks.
Thank you, I missed that.
But yeah, appart from that one headline there is no other mention of audiobooks. (It is not mentioned on any of the pre-order pages in their online shops either.)

Maybe they will implement audio-support at a later date via a software update.

Quote rcentros
Quote Sirtel
I noticed that this device doesn't have an uniform thickness, like the Libra 2. The handle side is 9mm and the screen side is about 6mm thick.

It's the same weight as the Libra 2. I've got to believe it's the same case. Maybe they're just being more accurate with the description?
I think the shape is identical to the Libra 2.

The not-uniform thickness only refers to the very edges of the device. There is a small 9mm lip on the side with the buttons and a slight narrowing at the opposite side.

It is a bit confusing, yeah.

#13  Almamida 10-15-2021, 10:37 AM
Quote kyôdai
Some german news outlets already got their hands on the new device. released a quick review, with some pictures comparing the new Vision 6 with the previous Vision 5 (Kobo Libra H2O equivalent):


They say the better contrast of the Carta 1200 display is achived with darker blacks. Especially noticable with the light turned on and with the inverted mode.

They also think that the lighting has been improved.
Okay, this is definitely a huge improvement based on these pictures. Excited to see this myself.

I wish the Libra2 had benefited from the same CPU upgrade though.

#14  patrik 10-15-2021, 12:04 PM
Is if feasable to install android apps on Tolinos?

#15  ottischwenk 10-15-2021, 01:02 PM
Quote patrik
Is if feasable to install android apps on Tolinos?
This should be possible.
But you will need an app switcher.

#16  ZodWallop 10-15-2021, 01:02 PM
Quote rcentros
It definitely looks like it has an "oranger" orange screen.
I hope the Libra has that "oranger" orange screen.

#17  mezzanine 10-15-2021, 05:37 PM
Im always skeptical of comparison photos, but the side-by-side of dark mode in the last picture reveals a dramatic difference in the black levels between the two devices, as the author suggests. Surprising, as the difference appears more significant than the 15% e-ink states in their marketing.

#18  mezzanine 10-15-2021, 05:53 PM
I was curious whether the increased contrast would be visible in standard black-on-white mode and it appears as though the Libra 2 text is bolder in the same way as when one increases font weight. Positive news for someone who was doubtful there would be any easily perceivable difference between the Carta screens we are used to and the new, 1200 variant.

Now Im annoyed the new Paperwhite didnt adopt the new screen. I find the Libra 2 more compelling than the Sage, even though Im far more predisposed to want the Sage. Of course they raised the price on the Libra 2 despite the increased competition from the new Paperwhite.

If I was Kobo, Id have come up with a 7 inch Clara HD model to compete with the new Paperwhite and dropped the Libra altogether.

#19  Almamida 10-16-2021, 01:27 AM
I have to say that I’m impressed by this Survitamined Libra2 on the paper. Would be curious to see how both compare.
I might buy one in December if I stop by Zurich.

#20  supermighty 10-16-2021, 08:05 AM
I'm really curious about the Tolino Vision 6 and the Libra 2.

Generally it's much harder to swap out a SoC (system on chip) than it is ram. So the ram difference seems normal, but different cpu speeds would mean it's also probably a different mainboard.

I would assume it's the same case for both, but with space and mount points for two different mainboards. That or the spec of 1Ghz for the Libra 2 is wrong.

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