Missing thumbnails for downloaded newspaper (PDF)
#1  gwa000 09-26-2021, 03:00 PM
i download the newspaper everyday (PDF) onto my Kindle Fire 8 (7th gen). i use to be able to touch on the page and at the bottom i would see thumbnails for all of the pages. they would be generated dynamically so it would take a few seconds.

i no longer see these thumbnails.

any idea why?

i am using the Kindle Read app (the one that shows a boy reading under a tree).

below the thumbnails would be a scroll bar (going from 1 to the number of total pages in the PDF) showing what page i am. i still this scroll bar but not the thumbnails. the first time i open up the PDF i see a flash which looks like it may be the thumbnails but it disappears and i only end up with the scroll bar.

i like seeing the thumbnails as it makes it a LOT easier to navigate, to say the sports section.

any idea what is going on here and how to get these thumbnail pages displayed at the bottom?

note that they disappear once you touch the page again, which is normal.


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