Cannot get Fire to show up on new iMac
#1  silsurf 08-26-2021, 09:22 PM
I been trying to get my Kindle Fire to show up on my new iMac running Big Sur and Calibre. I followed the comments and ideas on a thread here and assume it was a cable issue. I have had difficulty with some USB devices mounting. I bought an Amazon basics Amazon Basics Fast Charging USB-C2.0 to Micro-B Cable but still the unit does not show up in Calibre. It is charging and says it is in USB mode, but have yet to get Calibre to see it.

Any thoughts on continued trouble shooting would be appreciate.


#2  jhowell 08-26-2021, 11:33 PM
After connecting the device do you set the Fire to MTP mode? You need to do that every time you connect.

#3  silsurf 11-09-2021, 08:15 PM
I cannot find the any of the following settings?

Device Options

I have been through all the options, totally odd, I have set the device to MTB before, but just not recently, the settings options are:

Wireless and Bluetooth
Apps and Games
Device Options
My Account
Profiles and Family Library
Parental Controls
Security and Privacy
Sound and Notifications
Keyboard and Language
Sync Device
Legal and Compliance

#4  silsurf 11-11-2021, 08:43 PM
The only way to see the MTP mode toggle is to tap on the USB icon in the upper left corner of the screen once a USB device is plugged in. The mode is selected to MTP, but the kindle still does not show up in Calibre? There is also a triangle witha a "!" in the upper left corner and when I tap that a dialog box says:

"USB Compatibility
Some computers require a free file transfer utility yo copy files between the computer and your Fire. If you need this utility go to"

If I navigate to this address, there is just an Amazon search bar and support files, no specific software. I am assuming Calibre is the software in question, but the Fire still does not show up as it used to.

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