Other Non-Fiction Roberts, Bechhofer: Famous American Trials (1933), v1 26 Aug 2020
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C E Bechhofer Roberts was a prolific author in fiction and non-fiction; in the former he created the amateur detective A B C Hawkes, some of whose cases can be found in this Library in PAST MASTER SEVEN, recently uploaded.

This non-fiction work contains a review of the following famous American trials:

1: John Brown’s Body
2: The Sacco-Vanzetti Case
3: Benedict Arnold and Major Andre
4: The Trial of Leopold and Loeb
5: The Salem Witchcraft Trials
6: The Thaw Case
7: The End of the Jesse James Gang
8: The Snyder-Gray Murder Case
9: The Trial of President Lincoln’s Assassins
10: Mr. Waggoner and the Nineteen Banks
11: The Professor’s Murder Story
12: Trial by Newspaper: The Hall-Mills Murders

The cover is from the later Leith Hill Edition, which contained an introduction by a then-famous QC. This introduction is still in copyright, so I used the text of the first edition, for which no cover can be found on the internet.
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