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#1  AlPe 02-03-2014, 08:44 PM
Hi, I am Alberto Pettarin, the creator of Penelope, a tool for creating/merging/converting dictionaries, including the Kobo format.

Since I am overloaded by requests like "can you convert this dictionary X for my Kobo?", I start this thread to collect links to custom dictionaries for Kobo eReaders.

Please respect the copyright laws, and NEVER EVER post about converted dictionaries that infringe them. (Also, do not attempt at mailing me asking for converting copyrighted material, I will not help you on that.)

Instructions on how to install a custom dictionary on your Kobo can be found in the README of the GitHub repo:

Click on the following button to see the list of dictionaries:

Spoiler Warning below

Official Kobo dictionaries:




Latin-English: (Courtesy of Fabrizio Venerandi. Direct download: )



English-Japanese: (tshering, 2014-03-09)

Lojban: (tshering, 2014-03-28)

Swedish: (Danell, 2014-07-05)

Swedish-English: (Danell, 2014-07-05)

English-Swedish: (Danell, 2014-07-05)

English-German: (waterwave, 2014-07-16)

English-Greek: (embryo, 2014-07-29)

English-Polish: (RobertW, 2014-08-22)

Russian-Polish: (RobertW, 2014-08-22)

Italian-Polish: (RobertW, 2014-08-22)

German-Dutch: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

English-Dutch: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

French-Dutch: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

Dutch-German: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

Dutch-English: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

Dutch-French: (rmreader, 2014-11-05)

Slovene-English: (123kajote, 2014-11-06)

English-Slovene: (123kajote, 2014-11-06)

Arabic-English: (rmreader, 2014-11-21)

English-Arabic: (rmreader, 2014-11-23)

German-Italian: (rmreader, 2014-11-23)

Italian-German: (rmreader, 2014-11-23)

Russian-English: (rmreader, 2015-01-11)

Latin-English: (rmreader, 2015-01-27)

English-Latin: (rmreader, 2015-01-27)

English-Vietnamese: (tatung2112, 2015-03-16)

French-German: (rmreader, 2015-03-30)

English-Czech: (unaj41, 2015-05-05)

Czech-English: (unaj41, 2015-05-05)

English-Vietnamese: (huuduc1kk2, 2015-05-06)

Vietnamese-English: (huuduc1kk2, 2015-05-06)

English-Serbian: (indiffereddie, 2015-05-16)

English-Italian: (rmreader, 2015-11-13)

Danish-English: (myshkin, 2015-11-18)

German-English: (AuntiWiddershins, 2015-12-09)

English-Hindi: (tshering, 2015-12-14)

Hebrew-English: (oren64, 2016-01-20)

English-Hindi: (rmreader, 2016-01-26)

Spanish-German: (rmreader, 2016-01-26)

English-Italian: (__taori__, 2016-01-31)

Italian-English: (__taori__, 2016-01-31)

Hebrew-English: (oren64, 2016-02-05)

French: (tropoy, 2016-03-06)

Russian-French: (rmreader, 2016-04-08)

Polish: (San Zamoyski, 2016-06-16)

English (WordNet): (Oren64, 2016-07-26)

English (GCIDE): (Oren64, 2016-07-29)

English-Croatian: (Oren64, 2016-08-11)

English (Wiktionary): (Oren64, 2016-08-15)

Basque-Spanish: (satelman, 2016-08-16)

Spanish-Basque: (satelman, 2016-08-16)

English-Slovak: (helour, 2016-09-07)

Slovak-English: (helour, 2016-09-07)

English-Malay: (flawlessx92, 2016-10-03)

German-French: (rmreader, 2016-11-12, NOT WORKING?)

English-Polish: (Oren64, 2016-11-15)

Spanish-Russian: (Oren64, 2017-10-26)

English-Lithuanian: (Oren64, 2017-10-26)

English-Finnish: (Oren64, 2017-10-26)

German-French: (foulke, 2017-12-22)

Romanian: (alt10, 2017-12-28)

English-French: (Oren64, 2018-01-28)

French-English: (Oren64, 2018-01-28)

English-Indonesian: (Oren64, 2018-01-28)

Indonesian-English: (Oren64, 2018-01-29)

English-Italian: (Oren64, 2018-01-31)

Turkish: (Taner, 2018-02-22)

Osmanli-Turkish: (Taner, 2018-02-22)

English-Italian: (Owl_, 2018-04-20)

English-Turkish: (Oren64, 2018-06-13)

English-Italian: (Owl_, 2018-06-17)

English-Romanian: (Semwize, 2018-07-01)

Croatian-English: (Oren64, 2018-07-19)

English-Hungarian: (Oren64, 2018-07-19)

Romenian: (Semwize, 2018-07-30)

English-Chinese (Mandarin?) : (Semwize, 2018-08-25)

Albanian-English: (Semwize, 2018-10-13)

Albanian-English: (Semwize, 2018-10-13)

German-Turkish: (Semwize, 2018-10-13)

English-Albanian: (Owl_, 2018-10-14)

Now it is your turn! Please post in this thread, if you made or got to know about custom made dictionaries.

#2  RobertJSawyer 02-03-2014, 10:53 PM
Thank you so much! I believe the "Latin-English" link is to the wrong page.

#3  AlPe 02-04-2014, 06:04 AM
You are welcome. The Latin-English link is correct, it is just outside MR forum. I clarified it in the first post.

#4  AlPe 02-13-2014, 11:16 AM
Apologies for bumping the thread up, but I would like to ask some mod to consider stick this thread.

If you are a regular user, please flag this post, in order to get a mod look at this message. (Dear mod: if you make the thread sticky, delete this post, thanks!)

Thank you.

#5  PeterT 02-13-2014, 11:35 AM
Anyone can flag the post and ask for it to be stickied; makes no difference if 1 person does or 1000!

#6  AlPe 02-13-2014, 11:37 AM
I should have mentioned that I have done it already, (and it is not clear to me who is the mod of this section), that is why I posted the previous message.

#7  PeterT 02-13-2014, 04:31 PM
There is no dedicated mod; it's handled via the general MobileRead mod. team.

#8  stanlefor 03-08-2014, 05:11 AM
I have a great dictionary that i would like to convert to kobo dictionary.
Anyone around have penelope working and willing to help?
Or will I have to install it myself?


#9  AlPe 03-08-2014, 07:04 AM

if your input dictionary:

1) is in public domain, CC licensed, or the like,
2) is in one of the input formats supported by Penelope,

you can mail me a link to a file locker/Dropbox/etc. where you uploaded your input file(s). Otherwise, you need to set your own box up.

PS: you also posted in the wrong thread. Please do not reply here, thanks.

#10  tshering 03-08-2014, 06:41 PM
English-Japanese Dictionary

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