sigil does'nt load txt-files
#1  ikkethuis 01-11-2021, 02:34 PM
- I use Windows 10 and Sigil 1.4.3 (preferences set to: epub version 2)
- When i open sigil Book Browser shows toc.ncx
- Now, using File/Open, I open a txt-file. The text shows up in Code View- and in the Preview-window. However the toc.ncx disapears from the list in Book Browser!
- Now using File/Save, I can save a epub-file on disk, but this saved file cannot be opened. When i try to open the saved epub a warning-window opens; the text in the details-subwindow:

Error info: Cannot load file G:\test.epub: C:/Users/Bert/AppData/Local/Temp/Sigil-VRCAKq/OEBPS/toc.ncx: Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden.
Sigil version: 1.4.3
Runtime Qt: 5.12.9
Compiled Qt: 5.12.9
System: Windows 10 (10.0)
Architecture: x86_64

- The problem mentioned above does not occur when i use sigil with preferences set to epub version 3

What went wrong?

#2  BeckyEbook 01-11-2021, 02:46 PM
This bug has already been fixed on December 4, 2020.
You can wait for the next release of Sigil.

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