KoReader OPDS file support
#1  pina 01-09-2021, 06:49 PM

Just new to KoReader and I could setup my Calibre OPDS server. I managed to reach my server but I can't download any CBZ/CBR files. Simply no button to download my ebook. I read an issue talking about that and it's a known issuem but is it already fixed?

When browsing to my KoReader files, I found frontend/ui/widget/opdsbrowser.lua and saw the code

["application/x-cbz"] = "CBZ",
["application/vnd.comicbook+zip"] = "CBZ",
["application/zip"] = "CBZ",
["application/x-cbr"] = "CBR",
["application/vnd.comicbook-rar"] = "CBR",
["application/x-rar-compressed"] = "CBR",
["application/vnd.rar"] = "CBR",

already added, so why I still can't download CBR/CBZ files?

#2  NiLuJe 01-09-2021, 07:00 PM
That'd be because your OPDS server is serving those with bogus mimetypes, IIRC.

#3  Frenzie 01-16-2021, 08:07 PM
Probably worked around in, at least if the URL ends in .cbz or .cbr.

There's a chance it'll still make it into 2021.01, otherwise 2021.02.

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