Footnotes and text links... how to do? (Kobo Epub)
#1  Koboder 02-19-2022, 06:17 PM
Hello everybody!

I am writing my first e-book. I'm using Sigil.

After wrote my .epub, I converted it in .kepub for Kobo devices.
Do you know how to differentiate footnotes from simple text links?

In kepubs, if I tap on footnote number a preview window opens... Ok, my ebook works in that way and it's good for me... but if I don't want that? For example I want tap on a word or a phrase and go directly to a paragraph, what should I do?

The automatic generated index (html TOC) even works like footnotes: I tap on Chapter Title and the footnote preview window appears instead of jumping to the related chapter!

I also checked in the downloaded ebook, but I can't see the difference between the footnote and normal text links attributes.


#2  davidfor 02-19-2022, 10:03 PM
Kobo has details of what should be in books published through them in That includes when links are interpreted as footnotes and how to mark them up. That works for kepubs, whether they are purchased from Kobo or sideloaded.

There has been a lot of discussion on this in the Kobo and calibre forum. And probably the workshop.

#3  Doitsu 02-20-2022, 08:55 AM
Quote Koboder
I am writing my first e-book. I'm using Sigil.
FYI: If you've created an epub2 book, you'll need to convert it to an epub3 book with the ePub3-itizer plugin. Otherwise you won't be able to use epub:type attributes.

Shameless plug: since this is your first book, you also might want to install my EPUBCheck plugin and check your book for errors.
(If EPUBCheck reports any error messages that you don't understand, please ask about them in the EPUB forum.)

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