Is Dasung Not-eReader the fastest eink tablet?
#1  epaper 02-13-2021, 06:09 AM
This video of the notereader 103 is pretty impressive. I've seen vids of others playing games but i've never seem them this fast or smooth. What do u guys think?

#2  davester 02-24-2021, 01:55 AM
I don't have this device, but I do have the latest 13.3" Dasung Paperlike monitor. The video speed is impressive ... not as fast as what is shown in your video link, but close enough! The only problem I have with the Dasung is that the contrast is not ideal. For whatever reason, when using a video camera to film an e-ink device (e.g. the YouTube video you linked to), it gives a false impression of a white background with mostly-dark grey pixels ... whereas in reality, whether using the backlight-or-not, the contrast is dark-grey pixels on top of a light-grey background ... thus, the contrast isn't ideal ... so I don't know if the YouTube video is giving an accurate sense of the contrast. The Paperlike contrast is doable, but certainly not an ideal black/white experience. I find it sometimes annoying that when displaying a program/app/document with various colors (e.g. green-text w/a red background, which on a color monitor is readable), is not-so-readable on a greyscale screen. Dasung is known for having the fastest FPS among all the other e-ink manufacturers, which was the primary reason I purchased it ... and I'm overall happy with the Paperlike purchase.

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