Mystery and Crime Anonymous: The Bradys and the Green Lady (1906); v1; 28 Nov 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 11-28-2020, 06:35 AM
The pulp magazine dime novel in all its dubious glory. Except this one retailed for a mere nickel, or 5 cents.

One of an endless series of simply written, hugely melodramatic action yarns. In this story, the regular detective heroes, Old and Young King Brady, descend on a private looney bin adjacent to a derelict hotel, in pursuit of a missing heiress and her son.

Throw in a sinister doctor, a gang of smugglers, and of course one or two cliche lunatics (one thinks he is a dead Czar, a lady thinks she is dead and a ghost haunting the hotel) and it all skids along at breakneck speed.

A curious quirk is that almost all paragraphs are of one sentence, or if you prefer, almost every sentence is its own paragraph.

Just 26,000 words, or a longish short story. Tiny type, two column quarto pages, 28 pages of story.
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