Short Fiction Jepson, Edgar: The Dead That Wept (2020)); v1; 20 July 2020
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Edgar Jepson wrote 70-odd novels and many short stories in his career, and this is a collection of short stories gathered from Australian newspapers, all of which were published in UK and/or United States magazines first. Wherever possible, I have given the details of the first publication.

The stories range from humour to the creepy, with several detours into romance.

1: The Humanising of the Bishop
2: The Wrong Man's Daughter
3: The Dead That Wept
4: The Burglar, The Twins, and Ernestine
5: The Carling Cure
6: The Rejuvenation of Bellamy Grist
7: Jerry Bilder's Mistake
8: The Thing in the Two-Pair Back
9: Daffy
10: Lady Drysdale's Theft
11: Priscilla's Poaching
12: The Tea-Leaf (with Robert Eustace)
13: Mr. Belton's Immunity (with Robert Eustace)
14: The Emerald Celt
15: The Bechut Mystery
16: A Criminal Freak

This is an original collection, so the cover was made by me.
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