Mystery and Crime Jobson, A E: The Adventures of Russell Howard (1909), v1; 2 June 2020
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A dozen short stories featuring the Edwardian "adjuster', Russell Howard, and his colourful adventures. A cross between a private detective and an adventurer, Howard uses often dubious means to set things right.

1: The Hercules Cameo
2: The Seventh Burglary
3: The Removal of the Millionaire
4: The Case of Lord Ponderry
5: The Scheming Lady
6: The Two Wax Candles
7: The Lady with the Pince-Nez
8: The Modern Highwayman
9: The Prince's Letter
10: The Man Who Stole the Child
11: The Fire Insurance Matter
12: The Open Shaft

Stories sourced from various Australian newspapers published in 1909. The book edition, also dating from 1909, was by Bookstall, a pioneering paperback book publisher in Australia. A E Jobson (1875-1933) wrote a number of books, all of which are now extremely rare. This is the first e-book of "Russell Howard", unique to this Library
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