Other Fiction Quintt, Wilder Dwight: v1. Miss Petticoats. 24 Jan 2016
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Quintt, Wilder Dwight: Born : 1863 Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Died : 1936

THE great bell in the granite tower of old Number One mill clanged out its warning of the noontide release to the hundreds who toiled their lives away within its walls, and presently there poured forth from its gray portals and out between the smooth spaces of well-kept lawn to the iron gates a swarm of men and women, boys and girls, like angered bees from a hive. Only from this hive there came no drones, for by the grim survival of the fittest only those who could work from sunrise to sunset and from day to day, with but one gleam of blessed Sabbath light, were given place in the vast home of industry.
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