Kobo Nia Official Announcement
#1  pdurrant 07-15-2020, 04:32 AM
Kobo have announced their new entry-level ereader, the Kobo Nia.
Canadian Store / UK Store / US Store / French Store

It will be shipping from 21st July 2020, and Kobo are taking pre-orders now at
CA$129.99 / £89.99 / US$99.99 / €99.99

Screen: 6" 212 PPI Carta E Ink display, 1024 × 758 resolution
Weight: 172 g
Size: 112.4 x 159.3 x 9.2 mm
Storage: 8 GB
Front-light: ComfortLight, a one-colour light with adjustable brightness
Customizability: TypeGenius: 12 different fonts and over 50 font styles
Exclusive font weight and sharpness settings
Supported formats: 15 file formats supported natively (EPUB, EPUB3, FlePub, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR)
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Micro USB
Battery Life: 1000 mAh, weeks of battery life*

#2  pdurrant 07-15-2020, 04:48 AM
I can't see the attraction.

The Kobo Clara HD for £20/$20/€30 more seems to be a much better deal (higher resolution screen, and adjustable colour frontlight), unless price is the overriding factor, in which case the base model Kindle is £20/$20/€30 cheaper still.

#3  kyôdai 07-15-2020, 04:52 AM
Also available starting July 21 is an official Sleep Cover. The case comes in three different colours (Aqua, Lemon and Black) and will set you back $19.99 / £19.99.


#4  murraypaul 07-15-2020, 04:59 AM
I think if you have read up about eReaders then the decision tree is:
a) I want to buy a Kobo rather than a Kindle (either to avoid Amazon lock-in or to get access to Overdrive library support in countries where that is available
b) I'd like to spend as little as possible

But you've probably got to have started with a) in advance.

Alternatively, if you've wandered in a store that has the Kindle Basic, the Nia and either the Clara or Paperwhite on display, you try them all and decide that the Basic screen isn't quite good enough, but the Clara/Paperwhite screens aren't enough better to pay the extra for, so you go for the one in the middle.

#5  JSWolf 07-15-2020, 05:28 AM
The Canadian link to the Nia. In Canada, the Kindle basic costs $119.99 where the Nia costs $129.99.

#6  JSWolf 07-15-2020, 05:29 AM
Other then the better screen, the Nia has one thing going for it that the Kindle Basic will never have going for it. That is better firmware support. Kobo supports older Readers much better then any other company. Where else can sue older hardware still run current firmware? Heck, Amazon has even EOLed the PW3.

#7  JSWolf 07-15-2020, 07:38 AM
Kobo has a video out on the Nia.

YouTube clip »

#8  JSWolf 07-15-2020, 08:27 AM
Techradar's article on the Nia. ampaign=20760&utm_content=techradar+daily+20200071 5+&utm_term=434245&m_i=FCwuv7Du5dV7RIy1dxHzIThsVUp TLuFhwKfPEDuYE5SzBJd0caggbgCTIiKWQ0Hjld77790J2Ysoo 7pikS8WBYdjOXdvxcwFFe&M_BT=94351463061

#9  tourneur 07-15-2020, 08:37 AM
What a dud of a device. Like I mentioned before, Kobo would have served the customers better by releasing a Clara 2 and dropping the price of the original Clara. Move forwards, not backwards.

#10  John F 07-15-2020, 09:03 AM
Under supported formats it says "Flepub". What is that?

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