Wifi interference causing endless sync?
#11  ownedbycats 02-01-2023, 07:04 PM
Quote Cootey
Well, there's no way to guarantee my suggestion will fix your particular problem, even if they are similar. Have you tried logging out of your Kobo account, then logging back in. Sometimes side-loaded books remain (if there is a consistent way to preserve them, I don't know it), and it's a simple way to reset things without the nuclear option of a factory reset.
That would trigger all my sideloaded books to get re-imported to the database, which is something I'd prefer to avoid.

#12  Aleron Ives 02-02-2023, 04:36 PM
Since you have so much sideloaded content already, why not just sideload everything else, too, and use sideload mode so you never have to sync or reset again?

#13  ownedbycats 02-12-2023, 12:47 PM
Alternatively, since this only came up recently: Could my third-party kwmobile SleepCover result in blocking the wifi? I'd test myself, but I'd need to ask someone to help me get it off

#14  ownedbycats 02-23-2023, 04:54 PM
There was something wrong with my collections causing sync to fail. Not sure if the number of collections (only 10 collections, but a few contain 100+ books) or something similar to the conflicting case that davidfor discovered a few years ago.

I disabled the collection column in the driver, nuked all the collections on the device, and sync started working again.

#15  Rid 02-23-2023, 07:34 PM
I sometimes wonder if it how much the collections are updated? The biggest collection I have is 160 books but on another post they have 1.6k.

#16  ownedbycats 02-23-2023, 09:25 PM
Here's my original set of collections, which was resulting in sync failures:

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Here's my new set of collections:

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I suspect that it was the combination of the Fiction (219) and Fanfiction (192) colls that was doing it, though there were other reports that they didn't get problems until the books were in the thousands. Alternately, it might've been some glitch with the collection that was resolved by nuking them entirely and re-generating them.

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