Wow - amazing how long its been !!
#1  smallhagrid 02-14-2020, 12:32 AM
I haven't visited here in ages !!
What reminded me was putting my Ezreader wannabe sort of workalike reader on to charge tonight - it has never been good at keeping a charge & is flimsy by comparison, but it was super cheap considering what it is.

What really amazes me is that my visit here confirms that my REAL Ezreader has been serving me flawlessly for around 10 years already - holy cow !!

Now I wish I'd bought a whole bunch of them while they were still around because the Ezreader really has no equal IMO.

So I wonder - are there still any happy Ezreader users around here anymore besides me ??

#2  hidari 08-04-2020, 07:00 AM
I haven't either. I used to have an EZ reader. Love it. One of the best. I still have my Pocket 360+ and am looking for another or an EZ reader. Love the 5 inch screen and all the options on pocketbook as well as EZ reader.

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