New battery for old Literati?
#1  bizzybody 11-29-2019, 10:44 PM
I picked up an original white Sharper Image Literati at a thrift store. Bought a USB charge cable off eBay, which arrived today.

Plugged it into my Samsung phone charger and what the hey, I'll see if it turns on. Yes! After going through setup (it already has the latest 2.0 software) and trying it out some, I left it sit to see if it'd charge.

Nope. After around 4 hours the battery meter is just above the bottom when unplugged. WiFi was (and is) off.

What would be nice is to upgrade it with a better than original battery that has good built in over/under charge protection so if it gets left plugged in it won't be a problem.

If I keep it, I'll have to convert copies of all my books from AZW3 to EPUB, which I fairly recently converted from MOBI to AZW3.

It seems to be a decent device, never was any 3rd party development or replacement firmware?

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