Astak EZReader Pocket Pro
#1  rcentros 03-09-2018, 11:57 PM
I found a blue Astak EZReader Pocket Pro (aka Hanlin V5?) at an online auction. I think I lucked out and got a good battery, as it took about five hours to charge and seems to be holding that charge through experimentation and listening to music on it. Screen is clean and clear. Firmware is V2.02ASTAK.091201, I don't know if that's new or old, but it seems to be solid (though it is choking on one song, maybe it got corrupted and didn't move over cleanly). Calibre and the embedded Costantia font make for a very nice combination on the Astak (just as they do on the Sonys). I guess this was direct competition to the Sony PRS-300. It stands up pretty well to it. Justification, sound, more formats, three ways to turn the page and an SD Card. Also, it appears, to have a very flexible folder system. l like how light it is but, unfortunately, it used that soft rubberized plastic -- which is great when new, but tends to get tacky as it ages, which is a shame because I would have liked to use it out its case. For pure build quality I like the Sonys, but I'm glad I found the Pocket Pro. It's a good little reader. Another 5" one.

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