EZReader cannot connect to Windows PC
#1  thaonphuong 04-09-2015, 09:49 AM
I am very new to EZReader so if this question is a dumb one, sorry for disturbing you, but i am really stuck at this time and appreciate for your replies

I have the ideas to use my EZReader (brandname Astak, with 10 key from 0 to 9) as a display device. It is have one script to connect that EZReader, transfer images then open picture to picture with defined timer

However, my first step is to connect this reader (plugged with SD card) with my Windows PC, using usb cable to connect to PC. I overcome first issue about RNIS/Ethernet gadget driver with following instruction and this device appears as Ethernet adapter in Control Panel-Network Connections view, however, it is in Unidentifying network state

EZReader screen shows text "OpenInkPot" and progress bar, nothing else even though i reset it

My next step is to set IP address for this device in Control Panel-Network Connections as instructed in above url link
IP address:
Subnet mask:
I can ping to this address ( successfully. However, EZReader still shows text "OpenInkPot" with progress bar

My question is how can i connect to this EZReader (overcome screen with "OpenInkPot" text)? Seem it is stuck and needs to be re-flashed?

Could you please give some suggestions? Appreciate for your replies


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