[Banned] Books for All - The New York Public Library
#1  jhowell 04-14-2022, 08:10 AM
The New York Public Library has partnered with several publishers to make several books that have been banned or challenged available for anyone to read for free using their SimplyE app for a limited time. An NYPL account is not required.

Details here:

Available Now on SimplyE

Speak | Laurie Halse Anderson (Square Fish / Macmillan Publishers)

King and the Dragonflies | Kacen Callender (Scholastic)

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You | Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers / Hachette Book Group)

Catcher in the Rye | J.D. Salinger (Little, Brown and Company / Hachette Book Group, with special thanks to Matt Salinger)
Somewhat ironically given their stance on banned books they also state:

Note: Per the Library’s policies on materials accessible to SimplyE users under the age of 13, only King and the Dragonflies is available to those with children’s accounts.

#2  Dr. Drib 04-16-2022, 01:56 PM
And the app that runs them...My God!

This app appears to be horrible. (This is based upon an overwhelming majority of reviews/opinions.) oksforall

#3  Clort 06-12-2022, 12:41 PM
God bless them for not sharing any currently banned books!

#4  Skydog 06-12-2022, 01:45 PM
Thankfully, books on the "banned" list are available to download at my library. Freedom to choose.

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