Exporting highlights from Kobo - not using Kobo device
#1  Docno 05-13-2021, 01:50 AM
My last question got me nowhere, so I will try a different tack. I have a bunch of ebooks from Kobo that I've read on an iPad and highlighted extensively in; these highlights also show up when I open the same books in the Kobo app on PC.

I would like to access these highlighted sections outside of Kobo. Since it doesn't seem possible to retain highlights when transferring a book into Calibre, I am now seeking a way to export highlighted text to a separate file, if possible.

Note that if I download an ebook to Adobe Digital Editions, the highlights disappear, so that doesn't provide a route to a solution (the .annot files are empty). I also don't own a Kobo ereader device, so solutions that require that won't work for me. I only have a Windows 10 PC and an iPad.

Any ideas? Thanks

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