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The Diary of a Goose Girl (Illustrated)
by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

Originally published in 1902 with over fifty illustrations.

thelifepursuit rated it 3 of 5 stars (from Goodreads)
"I really enjoyed this pastoral tale of a girl seeking refuge from suitors and family settling into life on a farm. Though she is a paying guest, she soon integrates into the household and begins shepherding the geese. The book is mostly a series of mini-stories about her adventures, each chapter is almost self-contained."

"I think it describes the countryside very nicely and I found most of the narrator's observations to be funny. I don't think that she mocks the animals, she at one point questions how she can eat a duckling or hen that she's raised from a baby. It's definitely not written about 2010 and many of the events are fairly unlikely now, but the simple life that she describes sounds nice."
Source: PG EText-No. 1867 as retrieved by Gutebook and tweaked by me.

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